Turković d.o.o.
Meat Processing and Dairy Products

Jablanička 37, 36310 Sjenica; Tel/fax: +381 (0) 20 740 220; E-mail: turkovic_doo@yahoo.com; turkovicdoo@gmail.com

About Us

Turković from Sjenica offers natural and healthy meat and dairy products from Sjenica’s grazing lands produced based on traditional recipes.

Healthy eating habits involve consuming the right amount of meat and dairy products. It is important to make the right choice and find a reliable producer that offers high-quality products such as fresh meat and dairy products manufactured through a modern production process that is in environmentally-friendly.

We have found the best way to use the best from the nature - clean air, clear water and rich grazing lands. By monitoring customers' needs for more than 10 years and organizing our production process, we are now able to provide a wide range of top-quality meat and dairy products to our clientele. Our further development is based on investments in growth and expansion of the production program and retail sales network.
We have developed an enviable portfolio of products that consists of fresh meat (beef, veal, lamb and sheep meat) and semi-durable, durable and fermented meat products. Also, by investing in modern technology and providing training to employees, we have developed an excellent selection of dairy products (pasteurized milk, full-fat cheese, cream or “kajmak,” pepper stuffed with sour cream) for a short period of time. Because of our modern equipment and professional staff, our top-quality products are available all over Serbia. In order to meet all modern production standards, we obtained ISO and HALAL certificates.

In our further development, we will strive to maintain product quality, meet the needs of existing customers and attract new customers by exporting our products. The company’s growth will be based on the expansion of production capacity and our retail sales network, as well as reaching new markets such as Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina.